The Beast Within - Shot One

My challenge was to convincingly wrap the actors and other studio elements into still shots taken in Germany. I did this by matching as much as possible the studio camera height, angle, and lens to the camera that took the background shot. I tried to match the studio lighting to the lighting in the still.  I also went for a film-like lighting quality as much as possible within the latitude limitations of the Beta SP format and studio camera.

The resulting composites (background shot with studio elements) were digitized and sent to the art department to give them a signature "graphic novel look".

In this shot of King Ludwig of Bavaria in his coach, there is no coach in the studio. Everything is in the background still except the four actors. The coach was shot at a ranch in California and then digitally added to the background plate taken in Germany. The actor playing Ludwig is sitting on Ultimatte-blue apple boxes, and is partially in back of a piece of Ultimatte-blue foamcore. The coach driver and shotgun are sitting on stacks of blue apple boxes and platforms. We used a half-dissolve on a large studio monitor as a tool for positioning the props so that their edges would match edges in the photo.

The Beast Within: Ludwig's Coach

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