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Writer - Video Game Narrative Designer - Video Producer-Director



It's been a long, strange trip for a kid who grew up in a small 1960s agricultural town in California -- from watching early ICBMs lift from the nearby air force base fail, explode in the sky, and make great sunsets to a soundtrack of doo-wop and rockabilly, to writing for video games and Stan Lee.  From lovelorn cruise nights to L.A pitch sessions. I've made TV commercials, worked on videogames, written animation scripts, developed TV shows, and authored four books.  Sometimes I did okay and sometimes not so much but one thing is for sure, it's been a blast to have so much variety in my creative life and I've had the opportunity to meet amazingly talented and good people, some of whom I'm honored to call friends. One became my wife. I've been fortunate.  Considering how far outside the lines I've colored a few times in my life, make that doubly fortunate. 


So, semi-retired.  I work on my own projects and if something comes along that sounds interesting I'm not going to say no.  It also means that I've got time to rebuild the engine in my old Porsche, wander the forest, and reacquaint myself with a mystery that haunted me as a boy.